10 Tips Support Your Web Design

Web Design has taken our interest recently because of its benefit and effectiveness in your online marketing campaign. Why not have a look at following Web Design tips supporting your website performance.


It indispensible to have a unique and “personalized” LOGO that links to your homepage (except for the logo on homepage).

2.“Search” feature
In case your web has more than 100 pages, this is a must to support your viewers save time and find it convenient to find the target information.

3.Simple and concise Headlines for pages and article

Go directly to your description and explain the main content of the web page will make it useful in case you read it from the search engine, which obviously increases the number of clicks on your link.

4.Build up Sitemap
To make it easier for viewers to get accessed to and get information more quickly. Professional Web Design Company offers this feature in their web design package with close consultation.


Instead of cramming lots of information of a product or topic in one long and boring page, you should use hypertext to build up a system of pages linking together and performing the content in this way: the first main page will give audiences the outlook of information and the following pages will focus on specific topics. This helps users to save time from irrelevant sub-categories.

6.Illustration for Products

You had better provide one image of each product and link it to relevant images in detail for further information requirement of viewers. This varies in products. Some products even require zoom-in, zoom-out or rotation on sub-pages.

7.Zoom out image
To help clients know more about the product as well looking at it in detail. Instead of some unreadable small thumbnail, image should be flexible in adjusting the size.

8.Link Title

Using link title help users to be aware of where this link will take them to.

9.Make sure all of important websites are accessible for even deaf or deaf-mute people.

10.Design your web on your own idea but still do what people do.

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