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In the way to become experts in application development, updating new trends in the industry should be the top priority to app builder. This is an ongoing process that even professionals still do to maintain their job effectiveness. Below are top 5 new trends expected to happen to upcoming year of mobile application that Best Mobile Application Development Company in Singapore would like to recommend you tried.

The exposion of cross-platform tools

According to a report from The State of the Developer, use of cross-platform tools has jumped from 23% to 30% during the past two quarters this year. It also showed that 83% of respondents use at least one third-party tool for things like analytics, crash reporting, and testing.
Cross platform mobile development refers to a technique of writing a single codebase for apps that will eventually be used on different operating systems. Google and Apple encourage code to be written in contradicting ways, making it very difficult for programmers to write a singular codebase that is efficient on both platforms. It also means that developers will have to duplicate code and keep tweaking it to work for both platforms. Despite these difficulties, there are more and more people taking this idea into serious consideration. It is obvious to see that the wider range of devices that an app run on, the more popular it become.

Enterprise apps vs. consumer apps

It’s easy to see from the beginning of mobile application era that apps made for enterprises will likely to earn much more than consumer apps. The reason is that while consumer apps generate their revenue from downloading fee or/and upgrading fee from Internet users, which is difficult to control, enterprise apps are fed by not only company’s fund but also profit from users.
Moreover,: 43% of developers focused on enterprise apps hit or exceed $10,000 per month in revenue, compared with just 19% of consumer app developers. Many consumers aren’t eager to shell out real money for mobile and other digital apps.

On the other hand, as VisionMobile’s report says:

businesses are very willing to pay for software that helps them be productive and make money

Under the view of development career path, building apps for enterprises seem to give developers more interesting experiences even though their creativity might be limited sometimes than working alone.

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