Mobile application Development increases on the web shopping

Mobile Application Developmen Singapore has changed your own way an individual approach it is necessitate satisfaction. whilst e-commerce reached their peak on the past, It turns out  for you to possibly be m-commerce today in shopping habit in smartphone thanks for its convenience IN ADDITION TO rapidity. for the world associated with retail, Mobile form Development fill your gap between on the internet AND ALSO offline purchasing Just as shoppers find it effortless to be able to pick the goods they including anytime AS WELL AS wherever by accurate description with detail without having to pay out lots of night out going around. the accordingly improves customers’ engaged rule for you to procuring experience.

The situation

mobile app shopping

If you’re sitting in a subway waiting to get the next destination and have a look around, you’ll see people trying to kill their time by using smartphones. Some may listen to music; some use it to read ebook, others text with friends and obviously the others take advantage of this leisure time to go online shopping. Or at Starbucks or any coffee shop, you may find a man in his suits surfing his smartphone to book a flight via an application. Those were the days customers get accessed to the main website on mobile devices with inconvenience due to adjusting to fit the screen and individual eyesight.

“According to SmartInsights, about 89% of mobile browsing is through apps rather than sites. In fact, 33% of consumers prefer a mobile app to a mobile site when they have a choice. Forbes recently headlined that “Shopping Apps are the Fastest Growing Thing in Mobile,” putting to rest any debate over how e-commerce merchants can benefit from mobile apps.”

In fact, companies draw up their marketing strategy of offering great deals for customers shopping via mobile application. So, you don’t have to find local stores, vouchers and wait for the on sales items but now you can save time and get the item (there are policy of free shipping for any purchase that meet the required minimum amount). Those aim to boost the shopping via mobile apps and contribute to promote their apps to all mobile device users and there is an ambition of creating new shopping behavior.

Why can mobile application development successfully drive the m-commerce sales?

Faster than mobile website: Technology of mobile app allows it to load faster than mobile website, which does mean a lot to the surfing habit of customers. Every second delay in page load time will lead to 7% decrease of conversion rate.

Convenience: There are many advantages of using a mobile app as it exploits more of the native features. The navigation will make it easier and faster for users to control and go back and forth when they consider any items, which creates smooth and all-in-one shopping experience.

Payments: There are many mobile payments solutions offered depending on various platforms such as iPay from Apple, Google Wallet from Android, etc. Customers can purchase and make payment only via some clicks. This will considerately reduce the hesitation in deciding to purchase when users go shopping via the mobile app.

Push Notification: This feature is very important in terms of notifying customers with new promotions, coupons, discount, which accordingly increases customer’s loyalty and continuous purchase. In addition, push notification will inform customers promptly if there are new arrivals.

Mobility: Obviously you can carry mobile devices to anywhere. This is a unique and advantageous factor that makes Mobile App Development Company for online shopping gain more and more support from users.

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