Best ways to name your website

Suppose that you tell your business website name to a person you meet at a conference, will he or she be able to recall and correctly remember it the day after?
Web Development Company in Singapore – 2n2 media believes that it’s important to make your website name memorable and unforgettable.

Name selection for website! Why?

Putting a name for your website is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a building. If you concern that choosing a name for your new website is vitally important, you’re right. In our experience, name selection is often an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience.

Visitors will type your website name into their browsers in order to access your website. It definitely gives you credibility and acts as your personal identity which always stays with you. Choosing the right name that goes with potential visitors and points out the message you want to deliver can be a big challenge when starting your website. This article indicates simple but efficient approaches to name your website, which will make the process easier for you.
Choosing domain name extensions

There are a large amount of domain name extensions available such as .org or .net or .gov. The .com domain name extension is the most popular and most recognizable one. Most people regard that as the default extension and would automatically type .com after any name. Majority of websites are on the .com extension and you will notice a lot of the search results are .com too. It is especially important to try and get the .com domain name if you are writing to a global audience because of benefits it offers.

If you are writing a site in a language not English , you had better use a domain extension of your country. It is actually positive to have a local extension as visitors will understand that the site is targeted to their territory and search engines might send you more visitors from searches from that country.
Use descriptive words

A great name should be descriptive, relevant to the topic or at least give a small clue about what the website is about and what they can expect. Keywords help express what the site is about, and spell out benefits to the potential visitor.

Start by describing what you do and what topics you cover in your content. Think about what values do you want to communicate. Write down these topical keywords. Then put some of these words together and make phrases. Try not to make the phrases be too long. This is basically the method that people use to make a name.
Come up with a brand name

Another method for choosing a name is brainstorming to find some creative names and metaphors that can become your brand. These names are usually more memorable than descriptive keywords. It can take a while to make up some interesting names but can be really powerful way of starting something big.

You can learn from from Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter and similar when thinking of brand name. To create something new, special, unique and cool, you can try to:Mix and compound whole words (YouTube, FaceBook) ; Blend, mesh, overlap and truncate words (Pinterest, Groupon); Misspell words (Flickr, Tumblr); Make up words etc.

However, in some cases, the name will be obscure and not descriptive enough to tell the potential visitors what the site is about. It means that you will need to do more marketing work in order for people to connect your name with your topic. By exploiting your creativity and predicting potential risks, you’ll be able to create a name that works for both the short and long term. Like the original cornerstone of a building, it will support upward expansion as your company reaches new heights.

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