Blunders must steer clear of when developing mobile purposes.

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2015 is a different world for mobile application development, which will witness significant trends for the upcoming months. Here are the top mistakes you should avoid when developing your next application this year.

Putting in Too Many Features
One of the most common mistakes when developing new Mobile Application is using all of device’s built-in features in your application.

Today, smartphones owns uber-cool features, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, GPS and so on. If you want develop your new application, you should first understand what you want your app to do, its unique functions and how you want it to benefits your users. Creating an application that tries to take advantage of all these multiple functions will not help anyway.

Your application should aim to meet expectations of the user or the company that you are developing the application for. Emphasize sharply on your target audience while initially creating your app.
Adding on Too Many Mobile Platforms

Developers should not immediately start developing for several mobile platforms, all at once. Adding on too many mobile platforms may also turn counter-productive for you, as it may actually end up reducing the success possibility of your application in the marketplace. For instance, you do launch on both platforms at once and need to make some changes to design or functionality, then you have to adjust on both places which take more development time and cost.

What you should do is researching carefully the several mobile platforms available, and then picking the right platform for your app. If you think of developing an application for multiple platforms such as Apple, Android and BlackBerry, plan out your application development strategies well in advance. Think of a unique app concept that will also most appeal to your audience.
Skimming on User Experience

Some organization just focus on develop Mobile Application functions and forget to think of what the user need.

In fact, the online user may stand poor user experience and design but a mobile user will give up on your app if it’s too difficult to use. The mobile experience needs to be self-describing and intuitive. It’s important to get the user experience and design just right before launching the app.
Not Including Analytics

One of the basic mistakes that companies should not make is launching an application without Google Analytics or another tracking tool.

Using an analytics service is really important to gain valuable insight into guests’ viewing and purchasing habits. It helps you have better decisions on design, content, and user experience. There’s a popular saying that “we only manage things we measure”, so it’s essential that you start measuring from the very start.

Marketing after Launching Applications

That is a terrible mistake when you do nothing before your new application comes to market.

It’s vital to start marketing your application as early as possible. Don’t wait until submitting the application to the Application Store to start your press outreach. Before sending emails, research your favorite technology blogs and look for journalists who have written about a similar application. When sending your emails, make sure to keep them short, personal, and include a few details about what makes your application different.


Avoid the Mobile Application Development mistakes listed above and you will boost the possibility that your application is developed on time, covered by the press, and well monetized.

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