Mistakes commonly made in selecting design website colors

Color is a tricky thing when it comes to design. Generally, color influences physically, psychologically, socially on people’s feelings. In fact, when you are first beginning, you often disregard color’s role. Thus, it can lead your business to a failure. Here are the common mistakes designers often make when using color that you should avoid.

Using Colors That Are Too Saturated

Using lots of very bold colors is one of the biggest mistakes that a new designer is likely jump into.

Being bold and bright is fine, but do not overdo or use too many colors with a too high saturation.
Over-saturated colors make your website seem awkward, not soothing. Sometimes it turns to be garish and unpleasant or even annoying to look at.

Hence, it is always necessary to balance the saturation of the colors that you are using. Bright colors should be used more throughout, boldness should be adjusted appropriately.

Target customers, wrong choice.

Coloring your website vary based on certain age, gender, level, etc. Certain colors work well with specific types of businesses.

For example, if your website is a children’s games website, you should pick light colors such as yellow, blue or orange which are warm, energetic and childish.

Spend time on analyzing your target customers and find out how to pick colors to fit them, and make sure to have a wonderful design with colors to match. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand their expectations and shopping habits. Once choosing a color scheme for website, ensure that you consider your audience as the first priority.

Too Many Colors

Color harmony is the most important element that designer should take into account when choosing colors. Using too many colors in a page can make it dazzled and spoiled. For example, when accessing a website with variations of colors, you feel like you are stepping into a miscellaneous circus with all sort of noisy sounds swirling around you.

It is vital for a designer to pick colors that complement each other and try to use fewer colors overall. Using three or four colors in a design, plus black and white, should be appropriate and help create a cohesive design. It is highly recommended to choose colors that match each other perfectly.

Copycat Designs

Having colors in your web design so similar to other designs can pose the opposite impact of what you want. If you are designing an advertisements for your company, what you want is to make your poster look different from any other one. Creating a special and well-designed color scheme is necessary to the success of your design.

Designs That Are Too Timid

The same as having too much colors in a page, some designer make mistake of using too little color as well. It is undeniable there is the power to draw people’ attention into your design, spark their specific feelings, and more. Using too little colors leads your design come off as monotonous, boring, and dreary. To prevent this, ensure you use at least one color that separate from your standard layout which is white, black or grey.

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