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Enterprises’ use of mobile apps has recently experienced exponential growth, but companies are wasting lots of money to problems like mobile e-commerce fraud because of the lack of security focus on mobile application development.

Reason of the lack of security

With more and more people using mobile devices and applications at work, the security risks to an organization’s data are also increasingly rising. A new research sponsored by IBM found that many companies developing mobile apps are not spending the time or money in checking the apps for security vulnerabilities before launching them to the market.

One of the primary reasons that puts the security of mobile apps at risk is customer demand or need. The rush-to-release pressure on mobile application development experts to rapidly build and deploy code is tremendous. It might make mobile apps contain vulnerable code.

Here are steps you can take to maintain security, through all the stages of mobile application development:

• Pre – Stage

Before going ahead to design the app, you need to understand the various complications and risks you may face. Most app security cracks can be prevented by integrating security processes from the earliest stages of app development.

Planning out your initial app design strategy and keeping security in mind all the time, will reduce the possibilities of security risks coming up during the later stages of application development.

• App Design Stage

Security issues arising during this phase are the ones that are the most difficult to spot and resolve. Of course, these issues can also be handled easily, when they are caught early enough.

The best way to minimize the risk factor would be well-prepared in advance, composing a list of all the potential traps with action plan to avoid each of them.

• App Development Stage

It is necessary to make sure maximum possible app security during this phase. The major action should be done at this time is finding and fixing bugs and tracking other security vulnerabilities.

You can ask a fellow developer to review your code and provide feedback on your app. Approaching a third party helps, as they may be able to find and fix some flaws which you left out during any of the above stages.

• App Testing and Deployment

Next, you need to test your app carefully to ensure that it is completely free of security and other issues. A professional test team uses these test cases to create a systematic analysis of your app.

During this phase, it is advisable for the production team to work in tandem with the security team in order to ensure complete app security.

Security Training

Developers who are part of companies should take mandatory security training in order to understand and follow the best practices for developing quality apps. In general, app developers should ideally have a grasp on the basic terminology, security processes and the knowledge of implementing appropriate strategies to effectively tackle issues relating to app security.

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