Top 15 tips regarding saving Battery life at iOS 8 (part 2)

Thanks to mobile application development, users have lots of chances to enjoy the best applications and convenience that iOS devices offer. The more interesting people find, the more frequently they use their devices. Hence, it raises a matter of saving enough battery to last long enough for using within a day or at least during working time. Nobody wants to wait for their iPhone get charging while there are so many things to do with it. If you have read many articles related to new features and tips of using iOS 8, why not stop by this one to find out ways that help you to conserve battery?

8. Disable Auto- Brightness & Dim Your Display

This feature automatically brightens up your display, which is quite convenient especially when you’re in a rush to look for things and don’t have time to get through many steps and adjust the light. However, the downside as many other useful iOS 8 features, is that more battery is used than necessary.

In order to disable the auto-brightness, go to Setting > Display & Brightness. In case you want to adjust the brightness to lower level, manage it without adversely affecting the experience. This task will help to save a considerate amount of battery.

9. Disable Push notifications of specific apps

Are you tired of getting notifications all the times with vibration and sound? Once your device receive a notification, it starts working, which means light and brightness is on, operating systems works with sounds, vibration and Wifi / 3G connection. If you get any apps sending you push notification that you tend to ignore, go to Settings > Notifications, and under Include, toggle away.

10. Use Airplane Mode more regularly

Perhaps you need your iPhone to be connected to internet quite often for some specific reasons, your iPad or iPod touch doesn’t need to be online when you’re reading a book or watching a movie which hass been already downloaded to your device. In this circumstance, try to stop any connection via wifi or 3G if possible. Airplane Mode can be easily accessible from the Settings app or Control Center (by using shortcut or virtual button on the screen). Should you are used to utilizing it, you’ll me impressed by the amount of usage time can be saved up and your device remains powered up.

11. Disable system services for location

There are some services run on the background and silently use up the battery life . Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and toggle off Location-Based Alerts, Location-Based iAds, Spotlight Suggestions, Wi-Fi Networking and Frequent Locations.

Notice that you can toggle off other services but keep in mind that they may cause some trouble as disabling features for some apps, such as Share My Location for Messages.

12. Disable Automatic Time Update

All iDevices are always updated time, which uses your location and takes its toll on battery life. In order to disable this feature, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn Set Automatically to OFF.

13. Turn off Bluetooth

Turning on Bluetooth will use up battery life very quickly. Remember to use it only when being in need. If you set up default mode by iOS 8, Bluetooth will always be turned on. Hence, keep it for certain reasons. To control it, simply slide up Control Center, and tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off.

14. Disable Handoff & Suggested Apps

A killer iOS feature by a long shot, but a battery drainer nonetheless. Simply navigate to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps and turn every toggle OFF in the resulting page.

15. Disable Airdrop

Apple offers Airdrop to make it more convenient for iOS users to share stuff between iOS users. Though it sounds amazing, it can be a battery hog as being kept running in the background. Don’t worry. Apple also offer quick motions to manage the Airdrop as you can simply drag up from the bottom of the display to bring up Control Center and then tap on AirDrop and then tap on Off.

All of tips above have been checked thoroughly as they do help you save lots of battery lengthen its usage life. You’ll be noticeably impressed by how it improves your device’s battery retention. Mobile application development has its advantage and disadvantages. If you spend some minutes searching for tips like this, it’s possible to enjoy the both world.

Source: Top 15 tips for saving Battery life on iOS 8 (part 2)

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