Top 15 tips with regard to saving Battery life with iOS 8 (part 1)

Thanks to mobile application development, users have lots of chances to enjoy the best applications and convenience that iOS devices offer. The more interesting people find, the more frequently they use their devices. Hence, it raises a matter of saving enough battery to last long enough for using within a day or at least during working time. Nobody wants to wait for their iPhone get charging while there are so many things to do with it. If you have read many articles related to new features and tips of using iOS 8, why not stop by this one to find out ways that help you to conserve battery?

1. Turn off Wifi Auto Search

You don’t waste much time to manually check for wifi signal; especially it doesn’t have to be done all the time. You can prevent your device from searching for networks, which is unnecessary and a strain on the battery, by toggling it on via the Control Center when you really want to connect to a hotspot. How to turn it off : Go to Setting > Wi- Fi > Ask to join Networks and toggle to OFF

2. Check for apps using the most battery

Apple has enable users of iOS 8 to check batter use on an app-by-app basis. As the result, you can navigate it by getting accessed toSetting > General > Usage and identify the application using up your battery the most. You can use them less or delete to save battery for other activities.

3. Turn off Parallax

This feature has been offered since launching iOS 7, which cause not few troubles to some users initially, and also warrants additional battery. In order to disable it, go Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion, and toggle to ON.

4. Disable Background App Updates

As a solution to make it convenient for iOS users, Apple offers automatic updating for application once the function is enabled. Application will be automatically updated the latest version without having to ask for permission from users. This option is to serve when you’re out and about and want to keep your device alive. However, this is going to automatically use up an amount of your battery which should be used on another purpose in a day. To save battery, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, and at the bottom, simply toggle Updates to OFF under Automatic Downloads.

5. Stop apps on background from refreshing

The great thing about disabling Background App Refresh is that it’s not all or nothing, so by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can pick and choose which you want to continue refreshing and which you’d like to kill off.

6. Location services

In fact, there are many applications always ask to determine your location. You can manage the applications that allowing being shared location with. Once the applications use location services, they also dip into your battery life. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and remove those that you don’t feel need to know where you are. Or, you can disable Location Service by toggle it to OFF and only turn on when being in need.

7. Turn off 4G LTE

If it’s not critically essential to run a super-snappy connection, try to switch off LTE because it will consume a great amount of your battery. Go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE

(To be continued)

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