How to generate a great accessible as web as useful website

In web development, Usability is a major element to create websites that your customers will visit again.

If the website is not easy to use, they won’t stay. 2n2media in Singapore would like to provide some advices which you can take to create a site that is accessible and useful for your readers.


There is no doubt about the power of content. We’ve known about the value of content for
years, which is very familiar but never outdated. Therefore, the first thing you should look at when considering web usability is the content. Content is the key to a good web page. Make sure that your content is what your customers see first.

Page Layout

How content is arranged to appear on the page is also a big relevant consideration. The users are willing to scroll to read through web pages, if they don’t see relevant content quickly, they will leave without returning.

Nowadays, content that your customer is looking for just occupy around 40–50% the main segment of the page. The rest is ads, confusing navigation and extraneous graphics. If you want to create a usable website, place your primary content in the widest, most prominent column. Arrange factors like advertising, navigation, and non-essential graphics to the less important columns.


Colors can affect the usability of your website. Make sure your page colors are effective and not harming your site.

Web browsers have standard colors that are used for links (blue for links, violet for visited links, and red for active links). Don’t you use other colors; you properly confuse your customers. Take advantage of color theory to choose good color schemes, and learn what makes a good color palette.


HTML and CSS are important aspects of usability because it is what you take to keep your web pages usable.

By learning the CSS style properties, you will get familiar with the way to affect your pages look and get the content displaying prominently with a perfect layout. By learning the elements of HTML, it will help you know how your pages are built.

Download Speed

According to Web Development Company Singapore , the download speed in a page is very important. If a search engine has a choice of ranking two pages for the same topic, the faster page will get the higher ranking, even if that speed difference is only a matter of milliseconds. In fact, you can’t be able to control all aspects of the download but you can make efforts to do whatever you can.

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