Speed up your own website! How?

Imagine that you go to a Web page; waiting for a long time and give up before it finishes the loading. Such an annoying case! One of the most important considerations of develop websites is to make sure they load as quickly as possible. Before you begin to optimize your site, it´s important to see how well it works first.

Here are several things you need to consider when you try to improve the speed of your Web page:

Text & graphics

Text does not affect the speed of your page at all. . Even if your page is really long, it will only take a second to load if it’s all text. However, the more graphics you put in, the longer your page will take to load. You can add graphics to make your site intuitive, but need to consider how many and how big
they are


Optimizing your images is one of the best ways to improve the loading speed of your Web pages. A good rule is to adjust for no one image being larger than 10 Kb. This is not really easy with animations, but if you can do it, you’ll have some great fast images.

Also, after you optimize your images, you should set them in your HTML with the height and width specified in the image tag. This will allow the browser to continue rendering the Web page while the image loadings in the background.

With small images and clean HTML, a page still takes long time to load because there is too much elements and information. If you are attempting for a speedy download, limit your page total size (including images) to about 30 Kb.

Web Server

If you’ve optimized your graphics and HTML and kept the page size to a minimum and it is still time-consuming for loading, check out your Web server. Is it getting more accesses than it can handle? It might take time to upgrade the machine or the connection between it and the world, if it isn’t showing the bandwidth you want.


Tables are good for managing your page look the way you want to. However, tables are a common cause of slow pages; they take a long time for the browser to display the page.

When using tables make sure you use height and width attributes so every section of the table will know exactly where it is supposed to load and how big it is supposed to be. This will keep your page from moving around while loading too.


Many advertisements in your Web page come from a different Web server. If that server is down or slow, it will impact the loading of your page. The same is true for counters and other external CGIs and images that are not on the same Web server.

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