Advice from Mobile App Developers: Guide to install incompatible Android Apps from Google Play

Advice from Mobile App Developers: Guide to install incompatible Android Apps from Google Play

Some Android applications on Google Play are not compatible with all of Android devices. Here are tips and guide from our Mobile Application Developers to help you with the installation.

There is a method to run these apps on the Android devices as long as users gain the root access. Although some other applications may not be able to be installed and to run properly by applying this method, the rest will do a good job, especially game apps that didn’t work after being installed such as some of game apps developed by Gameloft show the notification “This device is incompatible”

Setting up

First thing first, you have to gain the root access on your Android smart phones or tablets. Then, install ES file Explorer from Google Play.

Adjust file Build.prop

Build.prop contains strings that can identify model of the device. If details of these file are modified, Google Play and other applications will understand that we are using a different device from the real one. Be careful with the adjustment. You just need to fix minor details in this file and don’t change others or else device may be confronted with serious problems.

Firstly, restart ES File Explore. Then, open settings and activate “Root Explorer” and “Mount File System” option. You also can activate “Up to root” to easily get accessed to original folder via Up button.

Then, move to Folder/system/build.prop

Create a duplicate of build.prop and store it in another place. Touch and keep holding this file then choose “Copy”, then “paste” it to another folder (SDcard).

After that, let’s start the adjustment. Press and hold the file, choose “Open As”, then “Text” and “ES Note Editor”.

Find out ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer (very important)

Change 2 rows above to create a fake device. For instance, to create a fake Nexus S, apply the following codes:
product.model=Nexus S

After editing, choose “Menu” and “Save” to save the adjustment.

Now, move on to “Settings/ Applications/Manage Applications”, choose “All/Google Play App”. Remove caches and data, then restart the device.

Now, open Google Play and you can download applications which are incompatible with your device. However, some apps are still not able to be installed or to operate properly on devices due to some reasons. For instance, Google Chrome will not run on Android OS or Android 4.0 devices, or some apps are prohibited to download and installed in some countries.

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