Common mistakes when writing titles

Writing good titles is not an easy job. Titles serve several distinct purposes and it means that you properly make a mistake that can make your web page turn bad.

Below are common mistakes when writing titles.

No Title

Not having a title at all is one of the biggest mistake you can make on your website which is stupid and careless.

As you know, titles are used for many things on a website. It will break all those things if you don’t have a title. The purpose of having titles:
search engines assess the page content based on the title
defining the page in the browser, either at the top of the window or in the tab
acts as the connect text in search engine results

Once you don’t give a title for a web page, there are many problem rising such as: Search engines have to make up something for the link text or in case the readers have a lot of tabs open, a tab with no title isn’t going to stand out.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to always include a title in your HTML.
Page Titles are Too Long (or Too Short)

In fact, there is not an exact number of characters that you should write for a title because almost every search engine accepts different lengths. However, Google often includes titles up to around 70 characters in their results. Longer than that, your title might get truncated or even completely changed. Your page title can be long enough to deliver what the page is about, but it is properly hard to read if too long.

Page titles that are too short is harder to define. A title which is too short is too general or easy to misunderstand.
Place the Main Words Last
The length of your titles is crucial, but the position of the content in those titles is even more crucial. Your visitors do not have much time and they want to see the core of things as quickly as possible.

When it comes to titles, keywords are vital elements. So putting the keywords near the front of the title is better than at the end. This also ensures that the important keywords show up in search engine results, even if the search engine truncates your title.

To fix this, you should think about what the most important part of the title is. If your page is about buying Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, then that should be first in the title. Don’t add fancy phrases to the beginning of the title.
Repeated or Duplicate Titles

Having two pages with the same title is considered as an unwise action . Even if they are very similar in content, you should try to make sure that the title reflects those differences.

When you’re writing your title, you should be writing for your readers,not for search engines. In general you shouldn’t be writing a web page with multiple keyword phrases, but even if you only have one phrase, you should only use it one time in the title of your document. Repeating phrases looks like stuffing.
Any Title containing your site name

This is one of those mistakes that you can see all the time. This is a tempting technique because you want people to know what site they are clicking on or you want to brand your website, or you just want to make sure that your site name is known. But all this does is add extra characters to your web page title. And if you put your site name at the front of the title, this will dilute the keywords for the article as well.

Above are just some common mistakes which can reduce your site’s quality.You need to take into consideration to avoid them

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