Blackberry Mobile Application Development: Potential or not?

In today’s Mobile Application Development, the combat among various platforms such as iOS, Android, Window Phone, Blackberry aims at the most qualified and useful applications for users. Comparing to the world’s leading mobile operating systems like iOS and Android, Blackberry’s turnover has decreased quite considerately due to its security features and limitation of utilities. Besides the downsides, Blackberry is still indispensable for entrepreneurs due to its extensive security system, qwerty keyboard and blackberry messenger. You may or may not realize that Blackberry applications are effectively designed mostly for business usage with the goal of both corporate and common market.

Prospective benefits of Blackberry Application development

Business applications are built on java platform. This technology allows you to write the application once for the Java platform and then you’re able to run it anywhere. This platform promises you the security as you can download unauthorized and suspicious sources, then allows them to run separately in a secure environment, which can’t do any harm to your device. Hence, your device will be protected from being infected by virus and being read personal files from the hard drive. In addition, dynamic and extendible program make this platform a powerful new metaphor of application design and development.

Blackberry offers the function of running applications in the background and interweave with other platforms and applications. Some of the applications in Blackberry offer access to on device API’s which enables world class integration with important Blackberry applications. In addition, users are able to synchronize data on mobile devices with desktops and to enterprise applications like email and IM.

Users find it convenient to optimize and integrate apps by using Blackberry tools and other sources such as JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Adobe Air. Its platform is ideal for advanced framework like Dojo, JQuery, Sencha and Phone Gap with additional full tooling support for native C/C++ development.

Above all, Blackberry application developers are in the progression of developing a range of sophisticated cloud based services including Application analytics; push service, advertising services, location-based services, etc.

How to develop applications for Blackberry?

Java-based applications

Mobile Application Developers must be familiar to Blackberry’s Java Development Environment (JDE), which support you with the freedom of development and coding by allowing the access to enterprise features used for desktop and server application development. As being mentioned above, applications can be written to run in the background and developers can make the make the best use of Blackberry’s push server.

Create a Cascades Application

Cascades is well-known for its flexibility as you can create app using C++ API’s that goes along with Cascades or implement the UI declaratively using QML and JavaScript. Just go ahead with the option that you find easy without having to consider between the two solutions. Keep in mind that usage of QML can be easier and faster than C++, and simultaneously allows you to preview your UI in the Momentics IDE for Blackberry. Meanwhile, C++ tends to be more familiar to most of the Mobile Apps Developers.

Create a Core application

Should you have set up your environment, it’s time to build an application via creating a rotating, multicolored cube using OpenGL ES 2.0. There are many concepts such as defining the geometry of the cube, initializing the model and adjusting the model per frame.

In short, Blackberry Application Developers with their experience and knowledge in mobile application development are able to build cost-saving and effective applications to build up connectivity and render rich multimedia user’s experience.

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