Website maintenance

Maintenance is necessary whether it applies to your car, your garden, your mobile or your website.

Managing a website has its responsibilities. You not only just build it up, write some articles and forget it. Regular website maintenance is a compulsory phrase in web development if you desire your site to be successful.

Website Maintenance Importance
When creating a website, there might be something bad gonna happen like a link you provided is broken or a tool on the site didn’t work. By maintaining regularly your website, it will run your site smooth without any dissatisfaction from visitors.

Additionally, Readers are always hungry for what is new, so it’s imperative that you provide them with new, useful and exciting content that will help guide them to doing business with you. Ensure your website content is up-to-date and relevant, unless they will leave your site and never go back.

Besides that, being hacked is one of big dangers from Internet. Having a good website maintenance program, you can secure and protect your site by keeping everything up to date.

Benefits of website maintenance:
Keep your website is up to date
Ensure your clients get the latest information about your company
Maintain and increase your ability for higher search engine rankings
Enhances your marketing and promotional actions
Improves your company’s brand image and aids in expansion
Helps to solve and monitor possible operational problems and avoids potential catastrophes with clients
Website Maintenance Tasks

Below are some website maintenance tasks that you should carry out regularly. Make a plan to check, it should be monthly maintenance.

Make a copy for your Website ( Backing up)
For instance, if your site gets hacked or crashes by unexpected reasons, everything on your site will disappear just because you haven’t taken a few minutes to backup the site.

Therefore, what you should do all the time is backing up your website. No matter what happen, the web hosting company can restore what they had backed up.

Monitor Website Outages
To not receive an email from someone else they can not access your site, you should be the first to know what is going on your site, particularly when your site goes down.

Test Website Speed
If your site is slow to load, viewers are not going to wait. Check and improve the download speed of your site or blog is so important that visitors can stay to read your content and hopefully help your site get more traffic by telling their friends about what a wonderful site you have.

Link Check

Broken links occurs time over time. It can be terrible if you reference someone take your articles but the links are broken.

The task to find broken links isn’t too difficult. Just use a link checker to test your external links and internal links at least once a month.

Software Updates

Third party software, like WordPress and Joomla , are always updating their software. You need to catch up with these updates and install them as soon as they are released on the market. The updates are not only new features, but they also include security updates.

Search Engine Results and Content Review

After a long time doing SEO, your site finally must show up on the first page of Google results for the keywords you planed. However you have spent so much time to get onto the first page of the search results naturally, it did not work. Then maybe it is time to look at your content and revise it.

Reputation Management

Using Google Alerts, you can monitor your website name, your name, your brand and your content on the web. You will know who is talking about you. This gives you an opportunity to jump into the conversation. Thank those who are praising you. Fix a problem that is being discussed related to your business.

To sum up, a successful website requires ongoing maintenance so it can attract, educate and expand its client and generate revenue for your business. This means a website is never completely finished. It is a work in progress just like keeping your garden weed free and producing food for your dinner table.

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