Criteria Required for Professional Web Design

Just like fashion, with the trends and styles come and go at a time, web design is constantly changing days by days. When coming to create a professional impressive web design, you should keep things trendy and catch up with the current styles.

In this article, the best web design company in Singapore suggest you 5 important tips that you always need to remember to:

Clear and not cluttered

The world around us has become too cluttered and websites are also not an exception. Ads, banners, logos, badges, nameplates, pop-ups, buttons … sometimes make a website become heavier, and turn it as a mess.

So help your readers escape from that mess. Be loyal to the flat design and white space which can bring comfort in the user experience.

Try to keep things simple, or even minimalist. Only highlight the most important content that you want to emphasize. Sometimes less is more.

Consult other web designs

You can do a survey by observing other websites to find out what you like about them and what you dislike.Take notes about positive things that you want to follow or apply for your site. It can bring you tons of valuable ideas.

You might find something little and tiny but efficient and special for your reference, such as using an arrow icon that points to an important message.

Use visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance. In other words, visual hierarchy influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. This order can help you optimize the important content on your website.

For example, if you create a button “Sign up now”, you may want as many people to click on it and go through the registration process, . Visual hierarchy tells us that the user’s eyes moved up and down, from left to right.

This means your eyes will pay attention to the buttons in the left corner of the site, and visitors are likely to click on.

Remember don’t put too many things at one point, your visitor will be overwhelmed and you will not get the results that you are looking forward to.

Make your text easy to read

The text is very important. It provides information and answers the questions. Do not make the reader must squint to read. There are a few simple rules that you can follow to keep your text is easy to read.
Make sure your colors fit together.

Do not use too small font: Though it looks cute but impractical. Make sure that your readers will not need a magnifying glass to find your messages.
Loyal to your font: Create a theme and even a brand that your website links with no more than 3 font – 2 font may even better. Additionally, ensure that you select the font which is friendly enough to readers and do not make them wonder whether they are reading Sanskrit or not.

Have mobile version of your website

The rise of the mobile is undeniable. Many even say that the future of the web lies on mobile devices. It means that it’s now more important than ever that your website is compatible with mobile and tablet devices so that the user experience is just as good as the desktop version.

If you were not already aware, the browsing experience on a tablet or mobile is very different to a desktop, so certain designs and features of your website will not work on a mobile device. This means you could be losing potential customers just because they’re not able to get your site working on their device.

Above are essential tips that your business need to stay focus on. They are key points to manage your website design more effectively.

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