Top reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS devices

Together with Mobile Application Development, many apps have been developed on various platforms including iOS. However, most of trustworthy and useful applications will cost you an amount of money, which makes most of users not happy. In addition, iOS limit users’ customization comparing to other platform such as Android, Window Phone or Blackberry. If you are type of person who loves creativity and exploring your smart phone rather than looking at it in a boring way.

iOS is supposed to be one of the safest mobile operating system, hence coming along some restrictions. Under the control of iOS, users can’t install any third-party application without jailbreaking. Let’s have a look at the followings to understand what jailbreaking is and how risky if you jailbreak your iPhone.

What is jailbreaking?

People love jailbreaking to adjust and customize their phone at their convenience. This process means removing the sandbox protections placed in iOS products by Apply. By removing them, users are able to install uncensored applications or software by Apple on iOS devices, and get accessed to unpermitted files which accordingly help you with customizing iOS system. Jailbreaking will put your devices at risk of being penetrated into private data store such as contact lists, ability to send mails or phone calls. This is the reasons for many security problems and invalidation of Apply Warranty and AppleCare package (if you purchased).

Reasons why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iOS devices

No safety and stability

Mobile Application Developers have to keep their apps updated constantly for fixing begs and crashes. For many untrustworthy third-party Mobile Apps Suppliers, spyware and malicious apps are created to deliberately steal your private information and wreak a lot of havoc on your devices. By jailbreaking, you are opening your devices to new possibilities as well as new vulnerabilities.

Another problem which can be noticed right away after the jailbreak is instability of the applications. Little extension and add-ons may cause your app to crash, which is very annoying and affects the ability to continue using the apps if they aren’t fixed. You have to waste time figuring out yourself what the cause is and how to fix it because the job is not simple at all and requires some knowledge and effort.

Trouble with iOS update

One important to notice before making up your mind to jailbreak iOS devices is iOS update. You will lose your jailbreak if device is updated latest iOS version. Then, you have to jailbreak it again and re-install all of jailbroken apps and extension. For who find it not annoying and time-consuming may still make an excuse to continue the job but not realize such trouble may prevent you from regularly updating iOS and your device may not perform as well as being on actual iOS update. In some cases, Apply will receive latest track record of remarkable issues that need incremental iOS updates.

Force to restore

Have you ever been force to restore the device because the jailbreak fails and you have tried all the solutions in vain? This will be a waste of time to restore all of your data such as music, photo, videos and other media, which counts up even to 4-5 hours. It’s believed that at least many of you have experienced such horrible feeling of spending time on fixing the trouble to bring it back to normal operation.

Still have to pay for jailbroken apps

One of the common reasons why users tend to jailbreak their iOS devices is not to pay for expensive apps. Don’t imagine things will be that easy! Actually, you still throw away an amount of money for amazing apps. The point is not to pay for Mobile Application Developers on Apple Store but ones on Cydia Store, and they will cost you more than average on iTune.

After all above, will you still want to jailbreak your iOS devices? If yes, keep yourself aware of inconvenience and security threat out there. Hopefully this article gives you a quick consideration before deciding to have your device jailbroken.

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