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Together with mobile application development, operating system has to keep updating to fix any bug or crashes may happen, optimize usage of those applications and add some new features to your device. iOS has released new update version 8.3 which does not only fix wifi connection error but also add some interesting and convenient features for users’ new experience.

Apple releases news update version for iOS operating system on the average of a couple of months. iOS 8 may cause some annoyance to users as Adobe Flash while requiring new update constantly. However, users at least gain some benefits to make up for their waiting time. In fact, new update iOS 8.3 has more attractive features for users of both iPhone and iPad.

Here are 5 reasons why you should update iOS immediately:

No need to use USB cable when using CarPlay

CarPlay is a service to help optimize the usage of iPhone such as SMS, directions, etc. on the car. To be frank, this service supports car drivers with maps, listening to music, SMS texting, answering calls, etc without having to touch the phone. All tasks can be done by using voice for Siri (integrated on version iOS 7 and the later ones) or on the touchscreen which is integrated in cabin.

Firstly, according the Mobile Application Developer, CarPlay was created to force users to plug the iPhone in USB gate in the car to use this function. However, right after this feature is updated, there are more car models for Apple to apply it on and users can enjoy the comfort when starting their cars. CarPlay doesn’t require iPhone to be plugged in USB gate to control radio, but operates as AirPlay of Apple TV and wireless loudspeaker.

Siri speaks more softly

Updated iOS 8.3 version changes the voice of Siri and how it answers, which help make her voice less harsh although the way this assistant answer doesn’t change.

Not just change Siri’s voice, Maps is improved with more accurate pronunciation of street name.

Better wifi signal access

When using iOS 8, lots of users meet the trouble in disconnection including weak signal or being constantly asked for re-applying password. With this version, most of problems with wifi connectioh will be fixed. It’s really annoying to have users re-apply wifi password, which makes them suppose to forget about the current one. In addition, this update allows user to call via wifi signal if using products distributed by Sprint, a telecommunication corporation in the US.

Family sharing errors are fixed

Family Sharing is a new and interesting feature on iOS 8., which allows you to share your purchased applications on iTunes including iBook and other applications purchased on App Store to your relatives and friends (maximum 6 people). You just need to purchase the applications and all members of “Family” group are able to use them. Moreover, any members can purchase the application themselves and send the payment request to members of the Family such as parents, grandparents, etc. once this payment request is granted and completed, the purchase is successful.

iOS 8.3 helps you to remove some annoying errors such as pushing notifications to devices of other members in family. Similarly, it helps fix the block of downloading free applications which were formerly downloaded by other members.

Lots of new Emoji icons

Apple has added more than 300 new emoji icon for iOS keyboard. These are various from smiley to typical symbols of many countries, ethnics, animals, pictograph, etc.

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