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Recently, mobile web design has increasingly emerged and posed a remarkable change in the industry. Knowing what to do and where to start can be tough challenge for business owners. Mobile design is not just a question of a mobile website or an app – there are a range of concerns in between and aspects to take into consideration.

2n2media would like to give you some tips if you are going to have a mobile design for you business.
Determine clearly your goals in both short term and long term

Nowadays, there are thousands of technological advances updated fast in mobile website design. More and more new players are constantly being introduced. What we need to do is to build something which can be progressed a year or two from now rather than obtain a complete redesign.

Let’s define your immediate mobile website needs as well as your longer term goals. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the value that doing an app brings vs investing in a site that works across devices.

Understand your potential audience

The key for crafting the design process and your mobile website strategy is knowing what type of device people are viewing your mobile website . How your target audience behavior is and what they use their phone for is one of things to consider. Do research into the specifics for your target audience to understand what’s true for them.

Additionally, there are a bunch of misconceptions related to mobile website usage that can lead to misleading design decisions. You can base your design decisions on the theory that they are increasingly using their phones for the same tasks as they do on desktop as this is actually what’s already happening.

Try to avoid custom-designed mobile site
Your company can offer packaged mobile site and bespoke mobile site for client needs But if possible try to avoid building separate mobile sites with specific design. In the long run these will be more costly and time consuming to maintain as it means doing custom-designed ones for different devices.

Creating something which possibly works on several devices will offer you the best setup for focusing your resources and budget on the content rather than maintenance.

Don’t change your main content on mobile site

Since users are using their mobile devices for the same actions as on desktops, there is a strong argument that your mobile website should be a reflection of your desktop version. So keep the main content the same and bear in mind how the user will change from one device to another and what that should mean for their experience.

Optimize for mobile

Keeping the core content the same doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or can’t optimize your mobile website. On the contrary you should optimize both display of content, interactions where appropriate to make them better for touch and look at using built in device capabilities.

Mobile provides great chances for making even better and more tailored experiences than on desktop and these can be gained even if you don’t build a custom-designed mobile website or app.

Observe entry points as a guide to decide to do an app or not

Apps are useful for more focused and personal experiences and if you’re considering supplementing your offering with an app using analytic and observing entry points can be a first guide.
For instance , Supposed that the majority of your users access via direct traffic this could show that they bookmark your URL and that an app icon on the home screen would be necessary. In case most of your traffic comes via shared links, an app alone won’t cut it as people need to be able to get to your content even if they haven’t installed your app.

Use analytics to define what devices to concentrate

Consulting analytics is also helpful for defining what devices to focus on in terms of operating system, version, or screen size. For example, in Google analytics you can see a breakdown of the devices that are being used, the divide between different operating systems as well as what versions of each operating system that is being used.

Above are some amazing tips for you to follow when you want to have an effective mobile web design.

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-Source: Killer Tips to Have an Effective Mobile Web Design

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