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The rise of Mobile Application Development not only opens more opportunities for enterprises to run their business but also lead to some misconception. Under-appreciating the time and effort to build a real good mobile app from business owner is always the greatest challenge to developers. Best Mobile Application Development Company recommends you read this article to have precise conception about this valuable job.

Why does it take time?

Business owner should know which elements contribute to a mobile app establishment. Some of them can be mentioned below:

  • Which platform is it running on? You will never want your app to be slow-pace and full of errors caused by platform incompatibility. Developers need time to acknowledge how to build an app that best suits your target platform. Even after they already defined it, sometimes building an Android app could take longer than doing on iOS. This is because of the fragmentation issues of developing an app for a wide variety of smartphones.
  • What is the main function and add-in features? It can be clearly seen that the more functions it has, the longer it takes. Sometimes, even if you require a basic mobile app with really useful and unique functions, developers need more time to brainstorm ideas and solutions to meet your requirements.
  • How serious is the security system? Internet security is always the most challenging stuff to not only business owner but also mobile app developers. It would be a huge mistake to ignore security system just to cut cost or save leading time. The better security infrastructure is, the longer it takes.

So, how long does it take?

A survey of 100 native mobile developers by Kinvey revealed the fact that it takes about 18 weeks to create a fully functional and polished app from start to finish. That includes both front-end design and user interface as well as back-end integration like push notifications, user management and authentication, caching and sharing through social channels.
Is it too long?
Maybe yes. Maybe no.

For example, mobile apps such as reverse-engineered “copycat” apps or feature functions like Android wallpaper apps are naturally easier to make than others. That’s why many people say that it Facebook engineers spend only a matter of days to clone Snapchat with its similar Poke app. This is not wrong but equating different cases with each other is not right. As mentioned before, to decide how long the mobile app development takes, business owner should give the team as much information about what they want for their product as possible. If they want it to be unique, they have to wait for a masterpiece.

Above are just a few things that business owner should know before accidentally building an “instant” mobile app due to misconception. By the end of 2013, there were a million of apps on both Google Play and App Store. The explosion in mobile application seems not to stop or having any signal of slowing down in upcoming years. Best Mobile Application Development Company will take this opportunity to reach to higher level of professional by giving you best product that they can, instead of showing you an eye-catching proposal and surprisingly terrible finished mobile app.

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