Alert : Free applications put your current smart phone with risk

Thanks to the popularity of iOS and Android operating system, malware take advantage of users’ lack of security to attack your smart phone. Beside safe and useful mobile application development service, malefactors offer free apps attracting users then put your phone at risk of being stolen personal information and account.

Mobile Apps Development Company offers Free Apps to users: Implicit dangers

The first reason why Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store offer free apps for download without checking for malware and viruses is the Ads. They cannot inspect the large number of ads which stream from servers to particular apps to show various security threats and prevent evil purpose.

The second reason is Data collection from users for business purpose. Some apps require direct data filling when users start using for marketing goal. Other apps run in the background and collect users’ information. Users’ have no idea their smart phone is being snooped and their personal information, even bank account, mail account, credit cards numbers etc. are leaked out to spyware. Moreover, spyware collect your data when you purchase online and fill in essential form of selling website.

How to avoid installing fake and Dodgy apps?

Read review carefully

Rating stars catch your first attention when you browse for apps in need. This is the first impression for you to choose a Mobile Application Development Company. On the other hand, you have to read the review carefully left by other users. Why? Because some apps may run smoothly and work out well for your need but the permission does not seem reasonable. When a simple photo editing application requires too much permission such as accessing to your address book, contact information, profile or your location, you had better watch out. Obviously this application aims at stealing your information and account to sell to advertisement suppliers.

Check permission list carefully (for Android apps)

Before downloading and installing an application, you receive a list of permission for your phone to get accessed. Some of them make sense but some others may sound illogical to the purpose and usage of the app. If this happens to you, remember to check it in detail (not just skimming). Once you find “permissions” irrational, stop pressing “Accept” button because this app will potentially exploit your information.

Have a look at Mobile App Developer

Beside the first two solutions, you can check the Mobile App Developer (with their name listed below the Application name). There is a list of application developed by them. If you find other apps trustworthy with highly recommended reviews and good rating, it’s ok to feel secure and download this one. If not, look for a tool to check the availability and reliability of this Mobile Application Development Company guaranteed by Apple or Google.

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