COLOR’s Role in web design

When you are going to design a new website, the first question comes up is “what are the most effective colors?” actually, colors can have big impacts on your audience and make a huge difference. Selecting the appropriate colors for a site is necessary to emphasize your business’s direction, brand your service and gain more customers’ outreach.

Colors for a Website

Color indicates meaning and so you should be well-awared what meaning you’re delivering when choosing this or that color. Picking wrong colors can be a tragedy for your website. You should brainstorm and decide which color scheme will be used from the beginning and you should be consistent in how you use color in your design.
Before selecting colors, you should make sure: the type of visitors your site aims to, services your business provide and key goals you want to achieve. Once you understand your audience well and find out which color fits them most, you are a step closer to creating a successful website. You can not pick a color that will fit every visitor of your website, so just determine which color and tone works best for most visitors you target.

Colors activate Senses

People are influenced by color in physical, psychological and social manners. It is said that color have links to the health and it can set the visitors’ mood via which designs they see.

Thus, colors bring tons of emotions, both positive and negative feelings for visitors. They can excite people, make them feel cozy or make them feel peaceful. In contrast, colors may provide bad feelings like sorrow, angry, stress, etc. By using colors strategically, you are able to orient or affect attitude’s customers.

Color Harmony is what you need to stay focus on when designing your page. It is important to have a harmonious design which is pleasant to the eyes. Harmony engages the viewer and creates a balance in the visual experience. When your page is not in harmony, it may be boring or annoying.

Color Context

Not only do individual colors have meaning, the mixing of colors also communicate additional meaning. Putting a small dose of colors which contrasts with your main color will draw attention. Repeating colors on elements like page headings gives an immediate visual cue that those headings are related. Observing the influences colors pose on each other is the initial point for understanding color’s connections. The relationship of values, saturation and the warmth or coolness of respective hues can make remarkable differences in the perception of color.

In fact, half of the people visiting a page don’t return due to the color of the design. The primary thing people recognize when accessing your site is the brand colors. If your site combine a bunch of colors and visitors can’t figure out the most dominant, it means you need to think of a redesign.

Colors and Cultures

From culture to culture, the way colors colors are perceived may vary. While some color symbolism exists globally (Ex: Green is the color of a running sign, red for stop), color symbolism tends to be interpreted differently following to different cultures (In Western and some Eastern cultures Violet is associated with mourning rituals, while Violet signifies wealth and power In Japan.)
Huge corporations with lots of financial resources will use large amounts of money to study the effects different colors have on different cultures, before entering a new market. Every designer (and every person in general) has a tendency to like colors or combinations of colors and to use them in different situations because it’s what they personally like. It is crucially important for designers to tear all their personal favorites apart and only focus on the clients and their needs.

Color does affect visitors in several ways. If you understand how color psychology works and which color fits your audience,you are already halfway there in the creation process.

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Source: COLOR’s Role in web design

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