5 Tips for Effective responsive web design (ON SMART PHONE)

Let’s improve your experience of using mobile phone via the development of web design technology from thebest web design company. Here are some tips to make the best use of your web design on smart phones.

Reduce the content

Not everything on original website is suitable to the display on mobile phone due to shortage of screen resolution and size. Hence, it’s important to optimize to keep the main content of website on the phone and remain the most essential feature. Lower priority is taken over the content and links apart from the main content such as ones appear on the right column of standard website. In addition, website’s content on the phone should be focused for the sake of readers’ convenience to read and move around the website, especially to make it faster for web loading in case internet connection signal is weak and at low speed.

One column lay-out

Users find it hard to read the original size of website on their cell phone, even though some smart phones with larger screen from 4 to 5.2 inches still cannot display the whole website. Instead, you have to zoom in and zoom out to see the content in detail. Web Design Company and Mobile Application Company now work together to provide users with most convenient and friendly website display rather than wasting time trying to resize the web pages, not to mention some devices do not support this feature.

So, remove less significant and essential content and lay out detail on just one column. This column makes use of the width and length of phone screen. Additional information should be placed at the end of the website based on the habit of users.

Reduce text input on webpage

Inserting text in web on mobile phone is more difficult than on desktop computer or laptop. Cell phones with QWERTY keyboard seem to work better, following is capacitive touch sensing screen. However, there are mistyping mistakes and typing speed is slower while users insert text on cell phones comparing to on the full size of keyboard on laptop or desktop.

Therefore, Web designer had better reduce the text input via some methods below:
Allow users to re-use information stored in their account thanks to the previous purchase or data input before.
Require PIN instead of password.
Make use of available features and function. (referring to item 5 )

Touch sensitive screen

Smart phone makes up the majority of mobile phones that use internet all over the world, including the US and UK. That’s why web page on mobile should be optimized for smart phone. It’s hard to click on a category that users feel interested, especially your fingers are too big to carry out tricky task when there are two close links.

Make use of available features

Many mobile phones offer features that are not available on laptop or desktop computer. Users will find it easier to exploit the website on their cell phone by using available features:
Phone call: this function helps users to make a phone call when the number is realized as a phone number in case users touch the numbers and keep it longer than usual.
Look for address: Similarly, it provides users with options to pick an address ans look it up automatically on the map.
Location nearby: Fortunately, GPS is now integrated in smart phone with 3G or 4G, which helps users to find out location of your friends if being shared. Also, you can easily search for nearby shop, stores, restaurants, hotels, hospital etc. whatever places shared on the map.

Using QR code: More and more companies use QR code to advertise their products and keep connected with consumers. Also, QR code helps to reduce other tasks such as payment, promotions, coupon, etc.

Source: 5 Tips for Effective responsive web design

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