Web design and viewers’ psychology

Web design and viewers’ psychology

When visitors log in your site, they will have permanent perception about your website and your business. The sort of feelings they have – in a positive or negative manner – are totally in your hands and it should not be missed when designing a website.

There has been many studies conducted to help designers create stunning and intuitive visuals that have effects on the viewers’ psychology. What a designer need is to understand how functional design factors and how you use them affect the feeling, attitude and experience the viewer will have while accessing your website.

Here are 4 key factors of website design and web development that have the biggest influences on the viewers’ psychology.


To any website, content plays an important role in arranging design elements.

Visitors access a website to get information they need. Web Design helps them find the information they need easier and more convenient.

In the past, there were pages presenting too much content with ten thousand words or more which often offered stress and overall unpleasant feelings for visitors. A page full of content leads it hard to find useful information, time-consuming to read through to get the information needed. Thus, there will be possible loss of potential customers.

Nowadays, web content need to be edited and organized appropriately to provide adequate and needed information while not overwhelming visitors. Once content is concise and organized in a suitable room, visitors are able to find the information quickly and they will feel happier and produce positive vibes.


The question is how to create a page which is qualified and pleasant to visitors? The answer is utilizing “white space” on which no content or visual element is. In any type of design work, especially Web design, using white space is really necessary because it gives a visual break for the visitor. When looking at a page, tight paragraphs without white space are easy to make the page feel crowded, restricted and somehow make viewers annoyed. In contrast, with a website using adequate white spaces, it gives a status of professionalism, well-organization and overall pleasant vibes to visitors.


One of the most important elements which affects how the visitor feels when they visit your site is colors usage. Depends on the lightness, type and shade of the color as well as your website’s goals, you are able to adjust visitors’ feelings when they access your site. Different colors can brings diverse emotions both in negative and positive ways.

For instance, to make your site look inviting, open and creative, you can combine blues and greens on a white or light background.

To be more specific, warm colors are orange, red, yellow or combinations of them which make a site feel cozier but can also give negative feelings like anger or stress. While cool colors for blue, green and light purple express calm and soothing. Cool colors remind us of water and sky which make visitors feel inviting and relaxed.

While most neutral colors (like whites, grays, and blacks) play a role as “white space” does: providing a resting place.


Another vital element which can not be unmentioned is typography. Millions of emotions and feelings viewers have when visiting your website is via the impact off typography.

Each typeface is used in specific situations and with certain function. For example, san-serif fonts (like Helvetica) indicate modern feelings and more informal, while Serif fonts (like Times New Roman) are a bit more formal, scholarly, and professional.

Furthermore, how words and fonts appear on the page is also important. Space between the lines and Space between the letters need to be take into account as well.

Above are essential elements that your business need to stay focus on. They are key points to understand the psychology visitors in order to manage your website design more effectively.

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