Common Web Development Mistakes notice for Web Developers

Nowadays, website is indispensable for most of business thanks to the development of global internet. Website is no longer simple and boring HTML pages but innovate to dynamic and complex business applications. There are more and more Web Development Companies offering Professional Web Development Service, but mistakes are inevitable. Some may be corrected, but some may cause such a pain for web holder. Some mistakes show a lack of forethought and research of the web developers.

These web development tips will help to shed light on some of the most common mistakes that you may make, thus help you to become better web developers.

You are not a Web Designer

This mistake is quite familiar to new and inexperienced developers. Don’t waste your time using Photoshop to make your design eye-catching. This is not your major and a web designer can handle it better without missing implicit factors. So, you had better have a graphic designer do the job instead of spend time on font styles/sizes, color, decoration or alignment, etc.

Pop Ups : Not a good idea

Have you ever imagined how users hate the Pop-ups and they are ready to pay for the upgrade or pop-ups blockers? Most of experienced web developers will be aware to stay away from adding Pop-ups into their website. This advertising tool is pointless to bring customers to your website yet turns out to be a waste of time of users to close them.

Careless attitude and lack of attention to Business
Try to avoid as many bugs as possible before launching your website. Don’t think about fixing it later if your products come with bugs and feedback from clients you sooner or later will receive. The first impression is very important to keep your potential customers. They expect from the quality and reliability of your website, that’s why you shouldn’t cut corners to deploy the website sooner that it should be. In addition, the misunderstanding between website holders and web developers will lead it to not being involved in the Business aspect. It’s necessary that web developers understand the importance of the website to their clients’ objectives and strategy.

Wrong SEO techniques

Many developers are confident in their knowledge of SEO and find it not necessary to ask for help from SEO specialists. In fact, professional SEO consultants research and know the best SEO practice as well as constant rules offered by search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

SEO techniques contain many tasks that need time and knowledge to handle. For example, as you may know, they are not only related to content, keywords, illustration, etc but also crawlable site architecture, good backlink, duplicates elimination, etc. These can’t be solved at the end but at the same time you develop your website. Once starting to build your web application, you should think about SEO carefully to avoid further structural modification of your whole system.

Not prepared to scale
Many companies set a goal of having MVP (Minimum Viable Product) out soon in the market as well as fast development without being aware that the pressure of time will make the web developers skip some significant issues. You had better not force the MVP too far because there are many things should be taken into consideration besides selecting scalable database and web servers together with distinguishing the application layers on the servers. Try not to let rewriting happen to your application. For example, what if the applications of image uploaded to a web server turn out to be overwhelmed? In spite of the database storage, session state servers and web servers scaling, you still have to carry out the synchronization to ensure the files can reach the web servers, hence avoid temporary 404 errors).

In short, no pain no gain. Once you commit mistakes, you will learn more about Web Development and get experience. The common mistakes above are not all of mistakes happen while you do the job, but step by step correcting them will take time. Hopefully they are helpful for inexperienced Web Developers; hence, don’t worry if you make mistakes because Web development is a broad term that requires time to deal with lots of problems.

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