Mobile Application Development and Business : Not that hard to earn a fortune

Mobile Application Development has become one of the most attractive industries recently.

Hundreds of mobile apps have been supplied to users, which bring benefits and business opportunity to investors and mobile application developers. More and more small and medium mobile apps development companies in Singapore join this market. Hence, learning the preparation and success tactics is indispensable for entrepreneurs to dominate the market.
Prepare before running your business

Determine your target

Before starting to develop a mobile application, you have to research for your desired application types and platform. Some famous application stores for your reference are Apple Apps Store, Ovi Store from Nokia, and Android Market from Google. This helps you with well-prepared starting point.

Burke – the developer of “Remembary” application for writing diary on iOS platform shared that he built up Remembary because he wanted to learn about iOS programming and create a diary book on his iPad. Or Justine Pratt, CEO of Creative Algorithms revealed that it might took a long period of time to develop a successful mobile application company because you need to create a list of reliable and qualified applications, unless you are lucky enough to break though.

Understand and choose your market – your goal.

The most important thing next to do is to choose your target market. Focusing on one market helps you to make use of your experience for the next application. Meanwhile, you can market your products via social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiter, Google + and other online forums to attract customers’ attention. Understand customers’ need will support you in designing business strategy and building up applications that satisfy customer’s demand.

Create practical value

Next, why not create an application providing solution to users or making their life more convenient (such as information supply)? For example, Trip Boss Travel manager created by Creative Algorithms, an application based on iOS platform, allows experts to supervise and control cost, budget and report of exporting cost. Depending on versions, the cost ranges from 2.99 to 9.99 USD.

“Each Mobile application Developer has to find out unique and interesting idea for their app”, said David Appleyard. He also revealed “in order for your application to be assessed as useful, initial idea is very important since it must be carefully considered before jumping to the decision of setting up and developing their brand name.

One or variety of platforms?

The target market of mobile app must be a group of customers with one demand. Potential customers will choose a specific platform or operating system to use the mobile app. So, will you develop application for iOS of Apple or Android of Google? Or Balckberry and Window Phone? Small developers should focus on one platform that they are good at in order not to handle arising cost and waste time changing languages and developing environment. Focusing on one platform to manage your time is the key to your success.

Model of your Business

It’s your choice to choose between providing free application and paid ones.

As a paid application, it must provide users with real and practical value. If user don’t find it helpful enough and worth the money, your app will be ranked low, which accordingly lose your potential clients. Instead, you can offer in-app purchase while users experience your app and want to upgrade it for more function.

For free application, unless you plan to make use of advertising space on your app, your app must be interesting enough to attract users. To encourage them to pay for the upgrade, you have to constantly update new helpful and fascinating features.

Secret of success

Creative application

To stand out in the market where lots of similar applications developed for one platform, your app must be complied with terms of conditions from App Store and creative enough to attract users.

Make effort in Marketing

The attention on social media and comment can boost the propagation and promote your products. Make sure to have a strong and best-laid marketing plan after your application is presented to the public.

Don’t make it complicated
Simple app saves your money and time in design. Amazing graphic design but simple structured applications get high rank in the application market. In all aspects mentioned, game apps are quite familiar to experts and users.

Breach of copyright – Worry or not?

If you develop application on iOS platform, you don’t have to worry about this because Apple commits the protection of “copyright” in the system. For Android, breach of copyright won’t matter if you develop apps supported by advertisement.


Why not find an exclusive sponsor for your app in order that you can gain benefit? However, the application must be appropriate and suitable to a specific brand name. It’s a waste of time and difficult to develop and manage the relationship with partners, or the advertisement is quite expensive. Hence, this method is only suitable when you are running a big project and not a sustainable solution to earn money.

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