Get ready to become a Web Developer !

Get ready to become a Web Developer !

Are you fond of becoming a Web Developer? Are you thinking about the flexibility and appealing salary of a career path? Before making a decision, make sure you have done a careful research on the employment trend as well as its advantages and disadvantages.
Job Description

Professional Web Developers are in charge of building websites and more than that. They analyze demand of users to make content and graphic design, edit web pages content, identify and solve any problems from the testing and users’ feedback, convert some components of written, graphic, audio and video to be compatible with web format according to client’s specification. Moreover, a web developer strives to create attractive website with user-friendly design.

Web Development requires your experience in Web Applications and programming language such as HTML, CSS, JQuery and API’s, Javascript, knowledge of Web Service (REST, SOAP, etc.).

Which criteria should a good Web Developer have?

Besides knowledge and experience which is a must for both freelance and employed Web Developers, there are some other elements that you should have to succeed in this career path.


Building up an incomplete website according to your client’s demand is not easy at all. Your client will pay attention to even punctilious figures and minor details, hence require your meticulous care for the smallest details. They may go against your idea and ask for updates, you had better be patient enough to comply with.

If you are working for a company as a web developer, you’re not working alone but in a team with multiple members. Thus, make sure you know team-working skill and good communication when there are goals of the website to be unitized.

Ready to learn

Web development technique changes constantly year after year. Your knowledge will never be enough without being updated. There are always new scripts, widgets and design released daily, which requires your up-to-date knowledge to keep pace with the industry. Always be ready to learn and adjust your website to make it perfect.

Ask Mr. “Google” for solutions

Google is obviously familiar to any people using the internet as a search engine and “answer machine”. Web development is not an exception to make use of the support from Google. However, as a developer, you need to have to some key skills of Google search. There are all of answers you can find the answer online but not many of Web developers know how and where to find them. Make sure you analyze the correct and most relevant keywords to make the search easy, fast, time-saving and effective. In case you’re under the pressure, this skill is indispensable.

Tips on becoming a successful freelance Web developer

There are certain difficulties for Freelance Web developers. Hasty decisions to work freelance may severely damage your career and mental health. Freelancers have to deal with unstable income and pressure of constant bill paid. Then, have you thought right and known how to do it right? Here are some tips:

Hold a full-time Web Development Position for certain

It’s obviously very difficult for any person starting from scratch. For anyone lacking experience and relationship, why don’t you join some projects to build a technical portfolio? Your resume should be performed on point of the important project you’ve done rather than in chronology. In case you’re not confident in your skills, offer to write documentation. This is essential to the career development of open source and interesting enough to attract your patience. If you lack knowledge of code, take some requires and fundamental courses/classes at a local college. It doesn’t have to be a bachelor or diploma of Computer Science or Web Development but a high-qualified and reliable certificate is a must.

Holding a full-time position in a corporation will be a plus to your working experience in which you will be able to observe what works and doesn’t work on someone else’s dime. Also, this ensures your financial management before starting on your own.

Build up your networking

Expend your networking both in terms of co-workers, partners and clients. You should spend time interacting with colleagues even though there is not much to do between two of you. Meanwhile, your potential clients will have more than just the project you are in charge of. Stay connected with them, and then try to exploit as many of their projects. In addition, you can join some user group, meet-ups and web developer conferences. These activities will lay good foundation of your networking and relationship for your eventual freelancing.

Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn plays an important role in expanding your connection and making the best use of the available ones to market yourself and find clients. Besides, exploit the networking of your past employers, co-workers and clients. Don’t hesitate to sell yourself to promote your brand and become solely reliant on freelancing to earn for a living.

Manage the profitability

Making a decision to choose full-time freelancing is very risky yet interesting. Depending on your initial financial ability, skill level and risk tolerance, you’re either recommended to quit job and start on your own or not. Freelancing means you’re not bound with time and working style, but it implies the task management as well as balance of profit and load of work. Get ready to face the difficulty and risk of profit and loss (PnL)

In short, Web Development is interesting for any of you who are interested in working for creativity and constant changes. Whether your choice is to get employed or freelance, get yourself well-prepared with strong foundation of knowledge. Hopefully some tips above are helpful enough to support you with your desired career path.

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