Mobile Application Development for Window Phone 8

Mobile Application Development for Window Phone 8

Most of Mobile applications development companies aren’t interested in Window Phone operating system due to its small market share (holding 3,3% of the total number of smart phone in the world within the first 4 months in 2013, 3th ranking below iOs and Android, exceed Blackberry (2,7%) – according to ZDNet and DailyTech). The number of people using Window Phone focus on the medium and above medium class of customers hence does not bring about the benefit as considerable as iOS.

However, from the viewpoint of independent Mobile Development Teams and start-up ones, Window Phone 8 is quite potential a market in every aspect.

Introduction to Window Phone 8

Window Phone 8 is the latest version of operating system of multi-core smart phones created by Microsoft, which promises new interesting experience for users thanks to its new and unique features with smooth Live Tiles interface.

What’s new in Window Phone 8

Window Phone 8 brings along new useful and practical features for many types of users such as Game Players, Businessman etc. However, the most creative one which is highly appreciated is “Kid Corner”. This is a plus for anyone needing privacy and parents to supervise and control their children.

Room is a new feature in People Hub Application supporting customers to communicate more easily with friends, kith and kin, and family members.

Microsoft spends 8.5 million USD on Skype, similar to Window Live Messenger. Skype is integrated to this platform, which makes the phone call inside Skype work as an ordinary phone call and optimize video call, too. In addition, Skype directory will be updated in your phone Address Book.

Data Sense helps your phone save data cost by compressing 45% of websites in default browser (Internet Explorer 10). Also, it allows automatic internet connection in accepted area and controlling data flow more effectively on Window Phone 8 devices.

Live Apps is a very creative feature only available on Window Phone 8. This application is installed on locked screen to provide users with new and vivid information continuously updated.

NFC and Wallet on Window Phone 8 support users to digital debit, credit and membership card on their smart phones. On Android, the information is stored on device storage while it is stored on SIM card for Window Phone 8 phones for safety and convenience of moving information if needed.

Obstacles for Application Development on Window Phone

Window Phone has strict and tough regulation for Mobile Application Developers comparing to other operating systems, such as position of Apply button on App Bar, applications on mobile devices should be installed Live Tile, or even requirement of Metro style for Game app development.

While registering app store on Window Phone, Application Developers encounter irrational errors such as notification of errors in spite of being tested many times. However, Microsoft fixed it on September 2013, which allows displaying exact errors. In addition, response to clients is low and takes around 1 week, or even 2-3 weeks sometimes. Note that the response is quite general (such as “We are investigating” or “Please retry”) and cannot give any effective solution.

Window Phone also requires Application Developers to submit English document corresponding with any other languages used in the application. Some applications are let down due to waste of money and effort.


Window Phone 8 is an extensive renovation of Microsoft, which makes the mobile platform more friendly and familiar to users. However, there should be more “comfortable” policy on application to encourage the best Mobile Application Development Company to put more effort in creating apps that satisfy customers need. Accordingly, the quality of applications for Window Phone will be improved as coordinating with the enhancement of operating system.

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