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It’s time to get tips from experts for real good mobile app experience. The exposure growth of mobile application in recent years makes it easier for enterprises to go mobile. Despite the huge annual revenue from app every year, the latest study by Localytics showed that one out of four downloaded app is just to be discarded then. What’s wrong with them? Let’s have a look at below advises from Best Mobile Application Experts.

#1 Good design

Many mobile apps went bad because of poor user interface makeovers, which shouldn’t occur if you are serious with your business. Bad design is considered as negligent practice instead of a real professional business image. In the mobile context, good design plays even more crucial role in easy-to-use feature of an app to make up small screen of handheld devices.

#2 Accessible design

Have you ever felt uncomfortable reading and taping in an app? This may be caused by small text and tight layouts, which are usually thought as suitable for small interface. However, an adaptive design, instead, such as preferences over text size will adjust the layout accordingly. Remember that, although there are now smaller pixels that makes text technically readable at even smaller sizes, reading minuscule text is still unaffordable for human eyes.

#3 Avoid over-simplification

Simplification is always a goal of any app developers. However, Best Mobile Application Development Company in Singapore will avoid an oversimplified product. While a simple app can be an image of professional product if it guarantees user’s experiences, over-simplification may cause many drawbacks than expected. Just imagine that all text has same font, same sizes and same colors. An app with “one-color” texture which users find challenging to highlight your core value could be as difficult to use as a complex one.

#4 Complexity could be simple

An app is born to make something easier for users to follow. If your business requires variety of functions, consider splitting them into a set of related apps. This method not only can bring you higher yield from downloading or upgrading fee but also guarantee user’s experiences in each function. Complexity will become a huge disadvantage for your enterprise in case you attempt to simplify it much more than necessary. Combining all features in one app only sometimes can make users frustrating or the app itself too fat to run smoothly.

#5 Design for layers of experience.

Best Mobile Application Development Company in Singapore encourages you to ask yourself this question before going mobile “What makes you different?” The truth is, if you provide Internet users with things that they easily find in other apps while you’re newcomer, the possibility for being chosen is nearly zero. Building layers of experience for your app is the right strategy to stand out of the market. First-time users should feel something special and immediately valuable when they launch your app. Subsequent users should discover more utility that is easy to access. People using the app regularly over time should get deeper functionality to make even more sticky and useful.

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