Responsive Website Design: New Concept?

Due to the development of smart phone, people do not only surf web on computer or laptops. Instead, most of them will find it more comfortable to do it on their smart phone. Hence, most of Web Design Companies receive order from their clients to produce the mobile version of their websites. Will it make a new challenge and provide opportunities for Web Design Companies in the future?

A revolution of smart phone

People witness a revolution of mobile device and mobile phone in particular. Your smart phone is created with smarter and more modern operational hardware than the computer invented 10 years
ago. Is it magical? Customers all over the world are in favor of smart phone with big sensor screen which is more expensive than a laptop.

Year of 2011 marks a milestone of tablet invention with tight race of various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Window phone, etc. from many famous manufacturers Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Asus, Acer, etc. Now the world enters a new era of 3G and 4G technologies which encourage people use wireless service and get accessed to internet at any time and any places.

The more developing our society becomes, the more likely people are to connect and seek access to up-to-the-minute information. Browsing website on mobile phones or tablets has no longer been uncommon comparing to the world in the early 2000s, instead, this turns out to be quite familiar with even children or the elderly. Do you know why? It is because people live and work at a faster pace and so does the information requisition. Your smart phone and tablets are now the fastest way to get into the internet no matter where you are. It accordingly changed the way we get accessed to website, which has encouraged new applied web design for mobile device from famous Web Design Companies in the world.

New Solution for Web Design
Mobile Apps Developers and Web Design Companies share the collaboration of new application for smart phone to update information and check out website. On the ther hand, we can build up new version of web reserved only for cell phone as a sub-domain (e.g: or These require additional cost of web design or mobile application aside from one of traditional web design you have to pay for.

Good news! Thanks to recent new improved website design techniques, programming language is getting better and better with creation such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP6 etc. This would bring more options for website designers and web developers to design and set up, of which has been remarkably focused on: Responsive Website.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design is the approach of web design and web development in reaction to users’ motions and to detect the medium where the site is being watched to optimize navigability and readability. It is composed of “flexible grids and layouts, image optimization and CSS media queries”. Hence, responsive websites ensure compatibility on various mobile devices of which developers and designers work together to provide the simplified version matching the resolution. This wouldn’t need new design and development phase for new gadgets on the market.

We have entered a new era of mobile, portable and highly interactive cell phone that serves users most of their essential information exchanging functions and additional entertaining applications. Responsive Web Design is not merely a fixed concept for website surfing on mobile device but need constant update to work with new devices, resolutions and technologies go forward annually.

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