Mobile Application Development – The battle between iOS and Android

iOS and Android are the most popular mobile platforms currently thanks to the sustainable Mobile Application Development. There are strength and weakness for each one depending on user’s opinion and style, which does matter to decide which one, is better. This article will give you an analysis of every single platform in detail

In general, users usually have the comment dictated by feeling whether iOS or Android to choose operating system which is familiar and easy to use. The following general review of two operating systems iOS and Android may help you to pick the appropriate one.

Why iOS of your choice

iOS is the most well-known operating system of Apple Inc., which is the platform for various products by Apple such as iPod, iPad and obviously, the iPhone. The most major comments on iOS are bright color, friendly interface, easy to use, and smooth interaction. However, its major defect is poor customization. Except for background picture and icon rearrangement, users hardly can customize and re-organize anything on their iPhone. Overall, iOS is reliable and easy to use for users with high-qualified applications.

1. Effectiveness

iOS is best known for its reliability of all Apple mobile devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Although there may be some errors, iOS will be quickly updated and fixed. Unlike mobile application on Android, ones running on iOS independently of its operating system, which means any app has bug and crashes, your phone still works as usual, and all you have to do is to restart that app. On the contrary, if there is one app gets crashed and stops working, your phone will be corrupted and the only thing you can do is to restart your phone.

2. High-qualified applications with quick update

Although most of mobile application development companies write applications working on both operating systems, they tend to take priority over iOS, which is easier than Android. Android is an open source operating system with various versions. Most of the smart phones operating based on Android are not installed the latest version, which cause difficult and make it complicated to develop mobile application. Inversely, applications are consistent with iOS, hence making it easier for application developers and users to update latest version.

3. Safety

Why do experts come to the conclusion that iOS is safer than other current operating systems including Android? Firstly, top important factor, that each application on iOS devices will be checked manually with confirmation before uploading to iOS App Store and ready for users to download. Secondly, Apple has strict control over applications under suspicion of penetrating into operating system, which ensure to protect users from virus or spyware. Apple offers GPS track which cannot be switched off without accurate password to help customers find their Apple devices in case it got stolen.
                                               Why Android devices of your choice?

Android is second to top famous operating system in the world created by Google with open source that can be adjusted by any other developers. Not as well-known as iOS, but Android is most used all over the world. Except for Apple, most of worldwide smart phone manufacturers produce at least one model running platform based on Android.

The greatest strength of Android is customization. Users can customize their smart phone to make it unique depending on options offered by different manufactures.
1. Un-limited customization

You can adjust some interactive features and design your own style on Android smart phone, as long as you have quite good knowledge of mobile technology. The interface of Android has plenty of font style, icons, theme to serve users. In case you want to control your phone detail, feel free to get accessed to the operating system and adjust it.

2. New interesting technological features
In addition to some features cannot be found in iPhone like IR Blasters or NFC chip, Android offers users additional features which allow you to use your smart phone in the most interesting and unique way depending on the manufactures. For instance, Samsung offers eye-checking and face identification to unlock your phones.

3. Large price range

Android plays an important role in reducing smart phone price and develop competitive market than ever. Customers are able to own a smart phone that suits the state of their finance. On the other hand, different price also goes along with different experience of using smart phone. So, why not Android?

Overall, the battle between iOS and Android will never end. The most important factor to keep in mind when you select a smart phone is to understand your need. Ask yourself some question to identify it such as: What’s the purpose to buy this phone? Do I need strict security? Etc.

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